Travel - Resourcing in Costa Rica - December 2013

This trip is designed to relax and allow yourself to experience beautiful moments. 

You will learn and reconnect with the forces of the land. You'll also have the chance to experience training and treatment with a great healer and my self. During these two weeks, you will have the chance to relax and recharge your vitality while enjoying the beauty of Costa Rica.

The trip will take place in the Dominical area: the seaside, beautiful mountains, virgin forests and with amazing variety of animals. This region is a very powerful energy grid, whales and dolphins come to recharge more than half of the year.

Voyage de ressourcement - Costa Rica - décembre 2012

Nature naturally cleanses us with it's power.


Travel cost:
                                          Double   Simple
Regular Room (3):               
Deluxe Room:                      
Deluxe Suite:                              
Note : The prices don't includ airplane fair.  Airplane ticket ± 800$.

Includes: the hotel, 3 meals per day, 5 activities/5 visits, transport, yoga, treatments with Christine.
Optional costs: therapeutic massage, Reiki, crystal bed, infrared

These two weeks will be shared between the discovery of the land and take care of your well-being


The hotel has Mediterranean cuisine. A great variety and those who love seafood and fish, you will be pampered! The double occupancy room have a king bed and the single occupancy room have a queen bed. The room also have a sofa bed.

Looking forward to assist you,

Christine Lessard, enseignante, formatrice et consultante

Voyage de ressource au Costa Rica - Christine Lessard - 30 novembre au 14 décembre

Trip to Brazil May 2013 - Joao de Deus - Healer - The Miracle Man of Brazil

We will stay 3-weeks in a small corner of Brazil, a village called Abadiania. People from around the world come to see one of the best medium-healer in the world, Joao de Deus. People come to Casa Don Ignacio mostly for healing there body, there mind or support the development in their inner journey. Joao often hosts and treats people after their journey with traditional medicine. Whether it's cancer, autoimmune disease, paralysis, AIDS, ... the healings are present and regular in his Casa.

The most beautiful and impressive is not only the surgery without anesthesia, painless and without bleeding, but this incredible vibration of love that flows through his place. That energy of faith could move mountains. Joao has been praticing this unconditional love and faith, for the past 47 years.

Joao - Guérisseur - Brésil Voyage de ressourcement Christine Lessard

The healer will be present on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We will have the chance to do several sessions with him. During our four days off, we will enjoy visiting different wonders, waterfalls, a tropical forest,... For many of you, these days off will be a period following treatment of the healer, rest will be needed. This trip is guided by energy much larger than us, so let us be and be ready to make that big step of interior journey! Preparation before the trip will be of a great importance and crucial before your visit to the Casa.

Guide referred to the Casa for 11 years and intuitive energy therapist since 12 years, I will guide you, accompany you and translate during those three weeks with all my love and my experience. I'm happy to live this new experience with you June 2013.

Purification of the mind and the soul will cleans your body


Travel cost
3 weeks :
Double occupancy  : 2500 $ US  + Airplane ticket  ± 1200 $ Can.
Simple occupancy  : 2800 $ US  + Airplane ticket ± 1200 $ Can.
2 weeks :
Double occupancy: 2000 $ US  + Airplane ticket ± 1200 $ Can.
Simple occupancy: 2200 $ US  + Airplane ticket ± 1200 $ Can.

Included: hotel, 3 meals per day, taxis back and fourth from and to airport, sessions with the healer and coaching with Christine.
Optional costs : therapeutic massage, crystal crystal, bottled water, optional outings.

Looking forward to assist you,

Christine Lessard, enseignante, formatrice et consultante