Therapeutic Workshops

The Therapeutic workshops (4 hours) were created to seek answers in areas that you have perhaps not explored. To make you more aware and change the energy choices you made or the choices you have not done in the past and have a big impact today. I bring you a new vision that will involve the principles of quantum physics.

Workshop "Being your own guide" Go at the end of the problems of your life

Why you can not solve certain issues in your life? It repeats over and over again. What problems you did not managed successfully in the past and now plays on your strength to go through the challenges of your life?
Magnetic force workshop

Your outlook on life is it magnetic? Life is magnetic in itself if one puts it perfect frequency with the laws of the universe and that we follow the transformation of Earth's magnetic field. The human body is magnetic, the human brain carries its own magnetic power. Reload your magnetic force and maintain your even more magnetic.
Force of Self-Healing workshop

Force of Self-Healing is located in a root hara, the person who will look carefully to this force, it will become a shrub and one day a strong and solid tree. Your health depends on this inner strength, you must strengthen and protect it.
Vision workshop

You create your reality and the reality around you by your outlook on life, your vision. Often you do not see the signs that you are sent and this is often why you asked advantage and benefit to the world. You must see through events by your inner wisdom. This will allow you to see another reality behind the veils of emotion and mental structures. You can have visions ... and then find your answers.
Telepathy workshop

Absolutely all human beings have the force telepathic, but it is not always awake. The brain must be free of interference intermediary between mind and spirit. "Telepathy" is the transmission of thoughts or feelings by a vehicle other than the five senses. You must know and learn to master the other vehicle to regain your strength telepathic.

Adaptability workshop

Adaptation is the ability of our being to transpose to a new frequency with all the achievements of past experiences. The man who saw a big change, a shock, a test will face its adaptability. What allows a human touch to this extraordinary inner strength? The human brain in an impressive ability to adapt, you should use it consciously and firmly inked so that it becomes easy to control in times of change. Einstein said: "Intelligence is the ability to adapt"