Workshop Lecher Antenna - Therapist Level
Learning from case studies

This 48 hours training is given for 4 weekends and over a period of four months. This course covers many aspects of the client and how to go further into the problematic paths and access the root of the problem. Price: $ 820 + tx.

*A 50% discount is offered if taken a second time.

Each client has a life experience and a vision of the future that makes him unique in it's being and it's problems. Each client case is a new search through his life and the result is about listening to higher levels - that books do not teach you. Do not rely only on knowledge, a result, a healing is always in an unknown zone. Learning to read the energy level and interpret them correctly.

This workshop therapist level is made for those who wishes to understand their client and also to be able to walk through their own self-being. Each day has a specific subject (entity problem, child problem, back and neck pain...) Through the workshops, we will discuss special cases and we will use you, also, for exemples. You will discover your stronger components and learn to build your most effective roads, taking into account your strengths. This course will be another big step toward self-knowledge...

Christine Lessard, enseignante, formatrice et consultante