Workshop Lecher Antenna - Level 2
Self harmony and Geobiology

This 48 hours training is given for 4 weekends and over a period of four months. We experience many facets of all these subtle worlds that surround us in relation to health, nature and living areas. Become aware of what you can not see reinforce us. The Lecher Antenna is a very accurate perception tool, used in alternative medicine, and research in geobiology. Price: $820 + tx.

*A 50% discount is offered if taken a second time.

 Part 1

  • Geobiology

  • Vibrations that affect health in a house

  • Waveform

  • Several techniques to deflect the telluric energy

  • Deflect problems: insects, water, mold and radon

In this class, we will deepen several important facets of Geobiology. The earth speaks to us and we must learn to listen to her. We will open our awareness to the energies that surrounds us.

 Part 3

  • Indigo and crystal children

  • Brains and gifts

  • DNA

  • The power and the biological clock

In this class, we will study the manifestations of intuition, communication with animals, with autistic children, etc.. This course is filled with exercises to further develop our inner strengths. The antenna is a wonderful tool to free what slows us and release our blockages while accentuating our inner faith. You also learn several concepts about food and especially how to do a health check: identify gaps, problems of assimilation and their sources.

 Part 2

  • Factors that disrupt the flow of energy places

  • Sources of energy disturbance
    microwave, static electricity ...)

  • Work with the flowers of Bach

  • Essential oils

  • Stone circle

  • Work with the energy of the trees

In this course, we will see more tools used in Geobiology and learn how to work with the flowers of Bach in the diet and dilution, this will help counter any emotional state.

 Part 4

  • Several case studies

  • Discover your strengths

  • Variety of tools to help people in their health

  • How to work with other health alternative

Case studies

During the training

This course will be another big step toward self-knowledge. We want to become much stronger internally to cross milestones that occur in our lives and help the earth to purity itself! We are all seeking for light to remember...

Christine Lessard, enseignante, formatrice et consultante