Lecher Antenna training - Level 1
Self Harmony

This 48 hours training is given for 4 weekends and over a period of four months. We experience many facets of all these subtle worlds that surround us in relation to health, nature and living areas. Become aware of what you can not see offers to Reinforce. The Lecher Antenna is a very accurate perception tool, used in alternative medicine, and research in geobiology. Price $1,220 + tx.

*A 50% discount is offered if taken a second time.

 Part 1

  • How to use the Lecher Antenna

  • Geobiology Research (water veins)

  • Harmonization of the human body
    energy axis, polarity, earth connection,
    , root, ...)

  • Aura color

  • Different rates to practice

In this first weekend you will familiarize yourself with the Lecher Antenna and learn how it reacts in your hands. You will have the opportunity to practice a lot in this course. The purpose of this weekend is to make you comfortable with this wonderful tool.

 Part 3

  • Release of various pathologies

  • Emotional wounds, energy leaks

  • Entities

  • Our energy in the past, present and future

  • Sources of disturbance energy
    (microwave, static electricity ...)

  • Different sources of energy healing

  • Release the cellular memory

  • Meridians

  • The vital energy, the cellular energy

In this class, we will learn how pathology manifest itself in our energy fields and how we can break free from it. Several psychological, emotional and external situations can effect and create lost of energy in the human system. Being aware of what affects us helps us to eliminate it.

 Part 2

  • Our different color lights

  • Chakras

  • The functioning of the brain and glands

  • All body organs and systems

  • Hyperfrequency

  • The benefits of the sun and the use of its vibrations

In this course you will learn to harmonize all the organs of the body, all systemsimmune, nervous, lymphatic,... You also learn the influence of the brain on the whole body and energy fields. When the interior is balanced you will feel much more physical, emotional and spiritual...

 Part 4

  • Crystallized emotions 

  • Energy fields

  • Body energy

  • The purpose of the soul

  • The spine and the relationship with the body

  • Reinforce positive vibrations

In this class, we will look at the spine and its influence on the body. We will see what happens in our energy fields, our energy body and deliver us from the negative emotion. We will align our soul and our mission. We will look at the various positive and negative vibrations that affect us personally and our relationships with others.


During the training

Everything you learn, you will have the opportunity to practice with other students. The goal is: be yourself, every month, more balanced and more harmonized. Any theoretical part will be followed by practice with your antenna, until it is integrated more in your daily life.

When we help ourselves to evolve, it also helps our environment. Everything starts from us. The more we grow and evolve... more the others grow and evolve from our contact.
Christine Lessard, enseignante, formatrice et consultante