Since her early childhood, Christine seeks to understand the subtle world that surrounds her. While growing up, she is guided by shamans and healers who taught her the virtues of the world. At 23 years old, she begins her search: a greater control of her inner forces.

She begins a series of journeys span on several years: Brazil, India, Philippines... always looking for great healers to teach her the advantage of self-control. Following her travels, Christine organizes and guides groups in different countries, sharing her wonderful discoveries.

University graduate–Finance, she worked in Montreal for a well reputed firm. After a few years, she left the business to concentrate on her spiritual passion. She studied Feng Shui with great Masters and also the founder of Geobiology–both great sciences marrying land and environment. Christine Lessard opens her first office as a consultant helping people experiencing difficulties times at home or at the office. Still passionate about her career, she continues her studies: Reiki, Telepathic Communication, Reprogramming of DNA, Ayurveda Medicine and many more. And finally finding a tool allowing her to read the vibrations of people and surroundings. A tool that allows her to focus even better on her intuitions and visions the Lecher Antennaher biggest passion.

In private consultation, she continues to work with the Lecher Antenna for human health problems, and also used forFeng Shui and Geobiology. She wrote a series of training that brings together her knowledge and her experiences. Allowing her to build a team of therapists specialized with the Lecher Antenna. Later, with the therapists, she opened an alternative medicine clinic offering a great range of services. Devoted to children– autistic, hyperactive disorder–she continues to listen and care for others.

Today Christine, mother of two children, lives in Costa Rica with her family where she has the chance to walk and learn from the Shamans. She continues to train people in alternative medicine and create new training tools. She loves organizing healing trips in different countries and supports people in their life journey. She is always looking for a new adventure, giving her the chance to grow and become a better person.
Everything start from ourself. More we grow, more we evolve and more other grow and evolve in our presence.
Christine Lessard, enseignante, formatrice et consultante