Authorized teachers

To allow people from different regions and to open extended hours for the time that I'm not available in Quebec, I have trained authorized teachers to teach you training Harmonization of being level 1 and 2. They are students and highly experienced consultants with the Lecher antenna. They have accompanied me in my work over many years. They share, like me, this same passion to transmit these lessons of consciousness and evolution. They will open their experiences that they have carefully built over the years with their clients.

Isabelle Bolduc
Authorized professor - Christine Lessard

The Lecher antenna is a subtle and specific tool. I have a personnal quest which concist of seeking the paths that lead back to the being (what we are without our wounds). Our human problems, minor or major are still concrete steps to resolve, heal and move us forward in toward Being. This passion brings me to offer: Consultation with the Lecher Antenna, Massage Therapy, Guidance for meditation group, Formation of Lecher Antenna, authorized by Christine Lessard.

It is with love and pleasure to meet you.
Peace and Health.

North Hatley
819-578-5390 (North Hatley team)

Annie Carbonneau
Authorized teacher - Christine Lessard

In my profond desire to continuously evolve and better myself, the Lecher antenna is a tool that accompaniers me in the helping to liberate discomforts and uneasiness.
Discomforts that are physical, mental, emotional or situational antenna knows to draw a path to arrive at the
healing. She leads us to our well-being, our own power and self-knowledge.

A pleasure to meet you,
(819) 574-5830

Mélanie Lauzon
Authorized professor - Christine Lessard

All that we live as human beings and where we live both have an influence on each other over what happens to us in our life. Therefore harmonization of the being combine with geobiology (harmonization of places) are very important for me, helping people to release negative energy that creates physical and psychological illness. By releasing the energy, consciousness rises, leaving a light breeze within. Thus, the human being is moving towards a better life with a positive vision that opens the heart and mind.

Hope to see you, take care!

819-843-9179 (North Hatley team)

Françoise Lessard
Authorized professor - Christine Lessard

Following a wonderful nursing career in maternity, my desire to continue my work in counselling has led me to discover the Lecher Antenna. Thanks to the antenna, I have the joy of helping people around me and lighten their experiences, enabling them to looking forward to their lives, to find their happiness and their inner joy.

It will be a pleasure to meet you.

819-820-2058 (North Hatley team)        

Louise Quesnel
Authorized professor - Christine Lessard

With my training as a Master P.N.L. and numerous workshops in Total Biology, the Lecher Antenna allows me to access more quickly and with high efficiency to different information. Also, by releasing these emotions that mismanaged our past, we activate a healing and wellness is reflected both in our bodies and in our outer life.

We look forward to assist you in this wonderful life experience.

(450) 377-8572

Nancy Vachon
Authorized professor - Christine Lessard

Desirous to help people around me, a couple of years ago, I discovered the Lecher antenna. Since I am a passionate person who ceases to be amazed at the benefits it can bring us and our loved ones. It is a valuable tool in our journey, allowing us to seek the causes of our imbalances and thus give us the KEY directing us in our personal efforts. The harmonization of Being with the Lecher antenna is a "spring cleaning energy" which provides a considerable well-being.

Hope to see you.

Beauce and Québec
(418) 222-8687