We spent 80% of our time inside a living space. To build a house, the architect, contractor, should care about health problems associated with space.

Knowing the location, nature of materials, analysis of bioclimatic factors such as sunlight, prevailing winds, rain and influential environmental networks such as groundwater, and terrestrial magnetic fields can develop healthy living place. The vortex, the Cosmo-telluric chimneys the flaws are important to identify and to measure in a living area. It tells actually the story of the place.

Geobiology can correct different natural and artificial influencal criterias, that affect the health of people living in the habitat. The Ancients were familiar with these phenomena, it's for us to rediscover the vitality of our home.

It is important to recognize these geobiological disturbances that affect our home, and find out how we can change these energy currents to create a healthier place and where it is good to be.

Basic training

Self harmonisation and Geobiology

This 48 hours training is given for 4 weekends and over a period of four months. This course will cover several untapped topics.

The Lecher Antenna is a very accurate perception tool that is used in alternative medicine, research and Geobiology - Feng Shui.

Geobiology workshop

Medicine of the habitat - Geobiology

Geobiology tools, medicine and locations of human habitation. The training will deepen with specific case study. This training is given during one day period. Price: $140 + tx