Child Approach

The approach I propose with children is an approach based on communication with the soul. I use a lot of force to communicate telepathically with the child, if he's not old enough to talk, autistic, hyperactive, or just very reserved and difficult to approach.

This medium allows me to know the child in many aspects of his being. I wish especially to know his universe in which there is shelter to heal itself and regenerate. This universe is largely my way that will allow me to guide and accelerate the process that will bring it into balance.

I developed with my experiences the force to perceive and feel what is
happening inside the physical body and the various energy plans of the child. I seek to bring the child in his center of balance and in its online incarnation, the free charges that accumulate in the supports being unconsciously a parent or the whole family, it give emotional strength to be masters of their hypersensitivity. Also give him the tools for each session that can work at home and give him back his confidence
and softness inside.

I use the antenna in all aspects of my work, to confirm my perceptions, to release the load and balance energies.

Each child's story, however small it and he brings with him a whole bundle of memories and recollections of past events. It's always fascinating for me and for parents to open the backpack and discover what he so preciously reported in this lifetime. I have unconditional love and a deep appreciation for all those little people that we come to embody and teach core values ​​of life and want above all to bring us back into balance and heightened awareness.

My real goal is to bring you to be your own guide for your child and to know his inner world.

Christine Lessard, enseignante, formatrice et consultante

New trainings

Learn to become a guide for your children

How to help, heal, guide, your little one. To be powerful in their learning, development, health, behavior and more? A toolbox to learn, to balance and flourish for many years to come. This training is open to all. The antenna is not obligatory. I will share my knowledge obtain through out my years of experience working with kids.

Each workshop is given over 2 days and cost $280 + tx

  • Part 1: Brain and Learning
  • Part 2: Health and life habit (to come)
  • Part 3: Behavior and relationships (to come)

Realize your talents and your strengths

For your kid, who wants to learn with me, to properly use and control their inner strengths and gifts: vision, telepathy and healing force. We will use pendulum, rod and antenna to facilitate the learning process. Enabling them to discover their inner antenna. I will supply the equipment. Price: $ 70 + tx (NOTE: without parents)