The approach I propose in my travels, my workshops and my training is based on an intuitive medicine. Through my studies and my experiences in different countries, I developed a force in me to perceive and feel what is happening inside the physical body and the various energy of the person. The human energy radiation, known as dowsing, allows me to confirm my visions and other perceptions that surround the person. Its a bit like the cells of a plant that emit information determining his health status and, which action can be taken.

My tool is the Lecher Antenna, a powerful tool for detecting the human energy radiation. Which measures the electromagnetic waves and emits frequencies- guiding me to act on the person or an the environment. I use the Leacher Antenna in all aspects of my work, for both Feng Shui, Geobiology and also during my private session.

I work with quantum consciousness, which helps balance the energy matrix for an organ, for the soul or to change a state, a situation. Each Being has the inner strength to heal his body, also to allow his soul to regain control of his life. My role is to support you whether in my travels, my training, my workshops and provide you with tools to help you access all your strength. Bring your awareness on the source that caused the first problem is my priority in your healing process. Release, rebalance and repair what causes it.

My real goal is to bring you to be your own guide and magnetize more positive in your life.

Within the globality of my approach, while respecting the limits of my strength, I promote teamwork with various specialists, who will help complete the healing work. I am therefore extremely pleased to see these specialists who have developed their talents with me and deepened their faith.

Christine Lessard, enseignante, formatrice et consultante
Conseil du mois - Christine Lessard